Seattle a Washington state legalized marijuana on 6th of December 2012.  It becomes the first state in America to allow recreational use of marijuana, a law seemingly poised for disputation with the US federal government.  Celebration went wild at the foot of the space needle tower after midnight when news came out that this law had come into effect. Leading the celebration were the Seattle marijuana campaigners.The new law allows smoking of cannabis inside homes.

Smoking it in public would lead to a fine of $100. However, when the news of legalization of weed went on air, the Seattle police department communicated to its 1300 officers that no tickets were to be issued until further notices. The police officers did not even attend the space needle event.  The city police spokesperson said that the police department was going to offer a generous grace period of helping the Seattle residents adjust to this new Seattle marijuana law. He termed the law legalizing smoking of marijuana as new, and brave. He added that people are living in a kind of stoned world.The first two states to legalize and regulate cannabis possession in ballots held alongside the Nov 6 US presidential elections were Colorado and Washington. Colorado law took effect on 5th of Jan. in Washington.

They legalized a law allowing adults with 21 years and above to posses up to 16 ounces of marijuana-infused goods like cookies and brownies or up to a liquid form of 72 ounces of cannabis.Seattle marijuana was licensed and regulated for selling in licensed shops.  The cannabis business is subject to a tax of 25% at each stage of the process.  The Seattle is anticipating getting hundreds of millions of dollars in the form of tax revenue that it plans to channel in areas like healthcare and schools. However, establishing this regulation as well as the tax system is expected to take another year.Nevertheless, since marijuana is still illegal under US law, through controlled substances Act, Washington faces a possible crackdown by federal agents including drug enforcement agency and the FBI.

Cannabis remains illegal in federal property including national parks and military bases.This move from Washington states comes amid an already escalating conflict between the states and the federal government over mushrooming industry of medical marijuana. Previously, the US attorney’s office has initiated crackdowns in states like California where there have been the proliferation of dispensaries selling marijuana for medical use. Though some of such dispensaries in California were operating legally, they have been shut down.A day after the legalization of marijuana in Seattle the US attorney’s office in Seattle issued a statement saying that essentially, nothing had changed.  The statement said,The responsibility of the department to put into effect the Controlled Substances Act is unchanged.

Neither an executive branch or states can quash a congress passed statue. The department of US justice is yet to announce whether it will try to block the regulation and taxation of the marijuana industry in Colorado and Washington, which would lead to a legal showdown over states rights.


A limited coverage period is supplied by term life insurance policies, and the policy owner gets to determine how long this period will be. When it comes to the rates, term life insurance is a lot cheaper in comparison to other forms of life insurance. However, the rates of term life insurance tend to vary from one individual to the other. This is probably because no payout is made from the policy once the coverage period comes to an end. One way people can get ideal term life insurance rates is to take out an insurance policy at a young age rather than waiting until they are older.

It can be a bit tricky to determine the total price of a term life insurance policy. During the underwriting process of a term life insurance policy, all factors that might affect the life expectancy of an individual are considered. Most of these factors if not all can cause the term life insurance rates to increase or decrease. The term life insurance premium can be affected by these factors too.

Some Aspects Of Term Life Insurance Rates

The term life insurance coverage rates can be influenced by the following factors:

Age and Gender of the Applicant

These two factors can affect the term life insurance rates to a great extent. The general life expectancy of an applicant is determined by insurance companies through proprietary actuarial tables that are based on their own claims experience. Thus, the term life insurance terms are determined based on how long the insured will survive and continue paying premiums. Women get to enjoy lower term life insurance rates than men, since they tend to live longer.

Tobacco Usage

Since people who chew tobacco or smoke are at a higher risk of developing cancer, therefore, they have to pay higher term life insurance rates. For people who have quit smoking recently, or are using some other form of tobacco rather than smoking cigarettes, are offered with “preferred” tobacco rates when they apply for term life insurance.

Health Status

People who are already suffering from a health condition when they apply for term life insurance also have to pay higher rates. In fact, often a term life insurance application is even decline or excluded depending on the health status of the applicant.


There are many jobs out there that are riskier than others, and these occupations affect the life expectancy of an individual. Therefore, those working in a risky job also have to pay higher term life insurance rates.

Habits and Hobbies

Often, people have risky habits and hobbies that also affect their life expectancy. These include drug use, drinking and other hazardous activities. People who have a similar hobby or habit also have to pay higher rates for the term life insurance policy they want to receive.

When applying for term life insurance, people should always keep these factors in mind since they will affect the rates they will ultimately be paying. Term life insurance rates can vary to quite an extent, depending on the mentioned aspects.


Homes with uPVC conservatories look more appealing to onlookers compared to homes without these materials. A conservatory is an addition to the main house which is multifunctional. Homeowners may want to turn it into a den, living room or dining room. It creates good vibes to the house dwellers because it draws positive energy from the outside. Staying inside the conservatory is more relaxing compared to any part of the house because the house dweller can see the beauty of God’s creation directly from the uPVC window panels. A good view from the lush greenery outside can soothe eyes and relaxes the spirit. This is the reason why most homeowners in UK would install an uPVC conservatory because they can benefit from it.

Here are the reasons why it is essential to have uPVC conservatory.
Versatility-uPVC conservatories can be converted to any room. Depending on the size and design, the homeowner can convert it into a den, study, living, or dining room.

Hard-wearing-Conservatories made of uPVC are known for their quality. They have earned the reputation as the main material for windows and doors.

Resistant to any weather changes. These materials can withstand to any temperature. During summer they give warmth to the house and in winter, they protect the body from cold weather.

Lasting Appeal- Because of their enduring quality, uPVC conservatories do not fade in time. They enhance the curb appeal of the house and they remain stylish for decade. 

Energy-saver-Since they allow natural light to enter the house, there is no need to put the lights on during daytime and allows the moonlight to illuminate the room at night. 

Relaxing-The atmosphere inside the conservatory is ideal for any activity such as sleeping, dining, praying, reading or playing board games and bonding moments with loved ones. 

Cost-saving-Because uPVC are made of high quality material, it does not need regular repair compared to wood and other types of construction material. Although no things can last, but at least with uPVC conservatories, they can save a lot from repair.

Protection-Although uPVC conservatories look delicate and fragile, the truth is, they are safe materials for doors and windows because they have built-in locking system that are multipoint and their mechanism for security lock can fit to any conservatory.  

Installing uPVC conservatory needs planning permission in the United Kingdom and to avoid legal issues, homeowners must know the guidelines on building a conservatory. Permits are needed if the extension is increased by over ten per cent for a terraced house, 15 per cent increase of the volume of the main house; an increase of over 115 cubic metres for the size of the main house, the house is erected within the vicinity and perimetre of the National Park, conservation and wildlife area. Permission is also asked if the conservatory is erected near the national road, or within two metres of the house boundary that is located over four metres from the ground, over half of the land area surrounding the main house, or its roofline is higher than the original house. Extensions are erected within five metres from the main house that allows less area for future additions.  

Housing developers would normally include a clause in the contract requiring homeowners to get permission for house extension. There is a nominal amount for securing permission from the local planning authorities. Before starting the building extension, it pays to see the local planning authority to inform them about the construction.


Minecraft was started by the Swedish company Mojang, owned by Markus Notch Persson. The PC full version was released on November 18, 2011 at MineCon 2011. The game is operational on iOS and Android too. Its Xbox 360 version is still under development. 

Minecraft is a 30 megabyte game sandbox-building independent video game written in Java, which allows its players to build constructions using textured cubes in a 3D world. Minecraft provides a platform for creative players to build their own game-world. 

Minecraft alpha server software was released on May 17, 2009.The alpha version was very popular and about a million units were sold during January, 2011. By November the game hit a record sale of 4 million units. The alpha version has both multiplayer and single player feature. The mechanics of the alpha are more developed than the classic version.

There are three game-play modes Survival, Hardcore and Creative. The game world is generated based on the player’s exploration. 


In this mode the player’s health bar is depleted by monster attacks, falls, or environmental damage. The player also needs appetite like food crops to refill his hunger bar. Weapons and Armors are used to fight enemies.


The creative mode gives the player access to unlimited resources and on the contrary in this mode no attacks or damage to the player is done by any game-creatures.

Primary Win Condition

In the Minecraft Alpha Server Software the winner of the game is decided if the player reaches to an alternate dimension that is called THE END after killing the deadly Enderdragon which flies around the map.

The game’s graphical display features aren’t that appealing. The low resolution imaging and lack of shading are one of the key shortcomings of the game, however using Minecraft Texture Packs and Mods these shortcomings can be overcome to a certain extent. These Mods improve the image resolution and also provide different backgrounds in the game which make the game even more exciting.

Minecraft is a wonderful game, it is played by variety of people including people who play on Minecraft For Free sites..